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Life Changing Ministries is a Bible-based, apostolic, and prophetic church founded in 2000 by Apostle Damian and Pastor Cheryl Hinton. Today we meet as one church in three locations. 


Life Changing Ministries is a multi-ethnic, multi-racial ministry with a heart for worship, prayer, and God’s people.


We’re about people because God is all about people. One of the ways we express our love for Him is through our love for people, and we do that by helping each person who comes to Life Changing Ministries grow in their relationship with the Lord.

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The Vision for the ministry came to Apostle Damian Hinton in 1994. The ministry started in the living room of one of the founding members.


In May 2000, the ministry was launched in the basement of the Econo-lodge in Pikesville, Maryland.


LCM relocated to Catonsville, Maryland, in August 2001.


In November 2005 – LCM relocated to two different locations - Catonsville & Baltimore, Maryland.


In 2005 LCM began covering churches and ministries both locally and nationally.


In 2007 LCM moved to 6660 Security Blvd Woodlawn, MD.


In 2012 LCM moved to its current location, as we continue to pursue the Lord’s purpose.


LCM has planted two churches in Salisbury, Kinshasa, DRC, and has adopted its newest church in Lubumbashi, DRC.  And now, you are a part of its legacy and purpose.

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